Online Consumer Pulse: For the smaller shop, Pinterest brings sales

This is the second in a series of Consumer Pulses on Social Image Sharing and Online Shopping by Bizrate Insights.

In a series of surveys of online buyers, Bizrate Insights is helping the ecommerce community understand how the new group of visual shopping sites can help consumers connect with retailers and the products, lifestyles, or brands that they sell.  Our first Consumer Pulse on this topic found that 1 in 4 online consumers recall having made a purchase by directly clicking on an image in a visual image sharing site, validating the promise of these sites as an avenue for retailers to drive product consideration and retail sales.   This second installment focuses specifically on the visual shopping site most recognized by respondents, Pinterest, and investigates browsing versus buying behavior.


Browsers favor Home & Garden images while Apparel images drive buying

Categories browsed and categories driving purchases differ. Though the quality of images, great click-through experiences, and sizable followings will make the popularity of each category change over time, currently Clothing & Apparel retailers are leading the pack in driving purchases while Home, Garden & Pool/Spa just edges it out for grabbing the most interest for window shopping.


Bizrate Insights - Top10 Categories Browsed and Puchased on Pinterest


Pinterest Brings Customers to Etsy and Smaller Boutiques

While the brands and stores that drove purchases from Pinterest were varied, there is currently a distinct trend favoring smaller retailers and individual sellers.  Nearly 1 in 5 online shoppers claim that their recent purchase, made after seeing an image on Pinterest, came from Etsy.


BizrateInsights - Store purchased from Pinterest


















Interest in Pinterest continues to grow

In May 2012, 39% of online consumers reported having heard of Pinterest, up from 36% two months earlier.  Of those that have heard of Pinterest, 48% have visited and 28% have an account.

42% of Pinterest visitors go to the site once a week or more. Those with accounts tend to visit more frequently than those without accounts; 58% of those with accounts visit once a week or more, versus 18% of those without accounts. The Health & Beauty, Baby Gear, and Flowers, Food, Drinks & Gifts categories have the highest percentages of visitors (>60%) who browse once a week or more.  Furthermore, 22% of visitors who have heard of Pinterest but do not have an account intend to open an account within the next six months.


Bizrate Insights - How Often Do You Visit Pinterest?














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About the Study

The Bizrate Insights Social Image Sharing and Online Shopping Series is a set of surveys conducted via the Bizrate Insights survey platform and offered to online buyers immediately after purchasing from the Bizrate Insights Network of over 5,000 ecommerce retailers in the US and Canada.  Data from this study was collected from 20,362 online buyers from May 8-May 30, 2012.

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