Understand why your customers buy or balk


Understand why your customers buy or balk

For over fifteen years, retailers have partnered with Bizrate to collect customer opinions and insights. Our surveys and reports provide actionable feedback at all points of consumers’ engagement with your store..

You‘ll learn why consumers…

  • Buy your products or browse but don’t purchase
  • Abandon their carts or checkout
  • Don’t return as repeat customers
  • Decide whether or not to recommend your store
  • Think you are better or worse than your competition

Our reporting will reveal your strengths as well as actionable areas for improvement—so you can improve your customer experience. We provide all the data you need to understand both overall trends and detailed insights.

Bizrate surveys and basic reports are available for free. Customisations such as unique survey questions may be included for a fee.

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Gather buyer and abandonment feedback from shoppers at different stages of the purchase process.

Under the consumer purchase process

Increase customer satisfaction and conversion

Get direct feedback from your customers with the Bizrate Point of Sale Survey. This two-part survey covers the purchase and order fulfillment experience. Our omni-channel website and store surveys collect verified customer feedback. The order confirmation page code is all that you need to gather feedback from all devices.

With our 8% response rates, we can quickly provide useful data to you. And with 26 million surveys collected worldwide in 2013, we can also provide meaningful competitive benchmarks.

Our Buyer Surveys measure all retail core functions:

  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Customer Support
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Support
  • Key Loyalty
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Likelihood to buy again

Improve site functionality with actionable feedback

Actionable feedback improves conversions

Our Site Abandonment Surveys will help you identify why people abandon your site and how to bring them back.

When visitors do not complete a purchase, it is an opportunity for retailers to learn:

  • Why they left
  • Likelihood of future intent to buy
  • How to get them to complete a purchase in the future

Our ‘three-surveys-in-one’ simple code looks at where the customer abandoned the purchase – during the visit, cart, or checkout stage – and then asks appropriate questions to determine the cause. Armed with this information, retailers can remove obstacles and make improvements to keep future customers on their path to purchase, and convert undecided shoppers.

Improve conversions with actionable feedback

In-depth reporting reveals the insights you need

We offer a comprehensive suite of alerts, reports & analytical tools so you can easily understand your survey results. We structure it so that it is easy to glean the “how” and the “why” from your reporting tools.

We offer different levels of reporting so we can cover your bases:

  • Free reporting
  • Standard reporting
  • Custom reporting

Reports are available daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly so you can get your finger on the pulse today and plan for the future.

Survey data

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