The Limited listens to the voice of its customers

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To listen is to grow

The Limited, a popular clothing retailer for women, spends a lot of time thinking about its customers, and how it can serve them better.

Better customer service, the company realized, begins with listening.

What do customers love?

Is there consistent feedback on a particular product?

Do customers understand promotions and return policies?

Good listening is the first step of serving customers better, and will lead to long-term growth. Over the past few years, retailers have become very promotional, but we continue to focus on our customers needs. What really will differentiate a retailer is listening to the customer, and providing excellent service based on what we hear.
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The Limited’s Supervisor,
Ecommerce Contact
Center & Operations

The goal…

The Limited needed a way to:

  • Hear directly from their customers;
  • Demonstrate to their customers that they’ve been heard; and
  • Share the insights with the right departments for follow up

Bizrate Insights Buyer Surveys: Eyes and Ears to the Ground

In June, 2014 The Limited implemented Bizrate Insights, a customer feedback platform that harnesses the power of the consumer voice. Today, The Limited receives ~1,000 completed surveys each week, providing insights into their customer experience that help them improve their IT, e-commerce,stores, promotions, planning, operations, merchandising, products and much more. The surveys collect “great feedback that we pass along to other departments in the company to backup taking action on fit, sizing, etc.” said Ms. Brooks. “The survey responses force us to listen to our customers, which is a good thing.”

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We’re trying to do some of the little things that count with the great customer feedback we receive.
The Limited’s Supervisor,
Ecommerce Contact Center & Operations

Since customers provide their email address. The Limited sends personalized responses when appropiate. For instance, several customers commented that they would like to return petite sizes in-store – instead of just by mail- so The Limited changed its return policy. Then it emailed those customers to inform them.

Competitive Benchmarks Provide Perspective

The Limited also relies on the competitive benchmarks available through Bizrate Insights reporting to give context to their survey results. Bizrate Insights delivers identical questions over 6,000 retailers worldwide, and indexes survey results against the highest-rated retailers. These benchmarks help retailers prioritize changes that will make the biggest impact.

For instance, even though The Limited receives consistently positive customer feedback, buyers occasionally complain about shipping costs. The Limited needed more context to understand if shipping costs were impacting their overall customer experience – so they compared their score to the benchmark average to determine if they would do better.

Competitive benchmark

Here is the sample of participating Bizrate’s apparel category retailers.

To listen is to grow

Keeping Customers Happy

“Client First” is a core value for The Limited Ms. Brooks said “I love shopping at companies that hear me, understand me, and really care what I think. Using Bizrate Insights help us listen.” The Limited’s client-focused best practices are paying off – its survey results show consistently high marks across all key performance indicators, as well as a strong loyalty rating score.

When asked to describe Bizrate Insights in three words.
Ms. Brooks suggested

valuable customer insights. It is a great value and well worth it.

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