Announcing the Winners of the 20th Annual Circle of Excellence!

We’re excited to reveal the winners of our 2019 Circle of Excellence!

For the full list of retailers who achieved Circle of Excellence status, visit our Winners page. For more details on the Award and how your business can become eligible, read on.

What is the Circle of Excellence?

Each year, Bizrate Insights celebrates the top performing retailers in its network with the annual Circle of Excellence Awards. This prestigious recognition is granted to members of the Bizrate Insights network who have demonstrated the ability to deliver a superior retail experience.

It is divided into two tiers, Gold and Platinum. Gold is awarded to businesses who earned outstanding customer satisfaction scores over the course of the previous calendar year, while Platinum is awarded to the top tier of retailers who achieved the highest percentile scores across the network.]

Who decides the winners?

Winners are determined by measuring eight Key Performance Indicators that cover the complete buyer’s journey, from the point-of-sale to post-fulfillment. Uniquely, the scores for each brand are calculated based on feedback submitted by verified buyers. Essentially, the Circle of Excellence is an award given to a business by its own customers!

Point-of-sale metrics

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Product selection
  • Checkout
  • Ease of finding

Post-order fulfillment metrics

  • Repurchase intent
  • Product met expectations
  • Customer support and satisfaction
  • On-time delivery

Bizrate Insights subscribers can review how their business is performing in these stats (among others) any time in VitalSigns, our custom reporting dashboard. Best-in-class benchmarking is also available with the Core and Premium packages.

How can I win?

Retailers interested in learning more about the Circle of Excellence should schedule a time to talk with a team member and learn more about how Bizrate Insights can help them develop an effective Voice of Customer strategy.

There’s still time to join next year’s Circle – act quickly!