How do I Compare? – A look at the BizAdvisor

by Hayley Silver •

Finding out your own scores are just a small piece of the research pie. By learning how you compare to others – where you perform best and not quite as well – you can see where to focus your manpower and allocate your budget. While some of this information is available at, the easiest way is to have the information delivered right to you via the BizAdvisor Report.

The BizAdvisor Report offers a snapshot of the most popular Point-of-Sale and Fulfillment scores for either the previous month or quarter. The scores are presented as an average and as a distribution on the 1-10 scale. You can also see your Net Loyalty score and watch how it changes as you make changes and improvements to your site. One of the most unique pieces of this report is the prioritization key. The smiley scale is used to show you which areas are important to customers (based on correlations), but not performing as well (red and yellow) and which are performing well, but perhaps not as important (green and sunshine green). In addition to providing your scores, this report also allows you to see the aggregated scores from the standard BizRate category of your choice.

Standard BizRate Categories:
· Automotive
· Apparel
· Computer Hardware
· Computer Software
· Electronics
· Entertainment
· Food & Drink
· Gift & Flowers
· Health & Beauty
· Home & Garden
· Musical Instruments
· Office Supplies
· Pet Supplies
· Sporting Goods
· Toys & Video Games

BizAdvisor Reports

This valuable report will either be delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis based on your overall response volume (minimum of 300 Fulfillment responses required in the time period). If you are not currently offering the BizRate survey to all of your customers, now is a good time to update your code. If you need instructions, please login to the Business Services Site. The BizAdvisor Report is available to you at no charge – all you have to do is contact us to learn more.

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