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by Hayley Silver •

One of the most common questions I get from merchants is “I use the BizRate survey, but where can I find my scores?” In addition to the number of free monthly reports that we produce, merchants can always access their data via the Merchant Site. By logging in with your secure username and password, you can gain access to 30 rolling days of customer scores and comments for the standard Point-of-Sale and Fulfillment metrics as well as comments by week or by day. Finding the data is easy – just look under the Customer Feedback & Ratings tab and click ‘VitalSigns’ then choose either “Performance Summary” for data or “Comments”.

Performance Summary – You can view data for 17 metrics with just the click of a mouse, including:
· Ease of Finding What You’re Looking For (POS)
· Overall Look/Design of Site (POS)
· Selection of Products (POS)
· Clarity of Product Information (POS)
· Charges Stated Clearly Before Order Submission (POS)
· Prices Relative to Other Online Merchants (POS)
· Variety of Shipping Options (POS)
· Shipping Charges (POS)
· Availability of Product You Wanted (FF)
· On-Time Delivery (FF)
· Product Met Expectations (FF)
· Customer Support (FF)
· Order Tracking (FF)
· Would Shop Here Again (FF)
· Overall Rating (FF)

You can choose to view all of these metrics, or just the ones that you are focused on by choosing the check box next to each area. The POS metrics are pre-selected, but you can choose to de-select them as well.  A sample of the interface, showing on the Point-of-Sale scores is here:


Comments – One of the most popular uses for VitalSigns is downloading comments. The comments include the data, comment and email address for those who have agreed to share their information; for customers who have not agreed to share, the email address appears as


If you have not signed up and would like to get started, then please contact us.

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