How To Guide: Add the Seller Ratings Widget

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Bizrate Insights’ Seller Ratings Widget allows you to display your overall site reviews collected through the Bizrate Insights Online Buyer Survey. The Seller Ratings Widget includes an overall score (represented by stars), along with customer comments, helping you to gain credibility and trust with potential customers.

To begin displaying reviews through Bizrate’s Seller Ratings Widget, you will need to add the widget code to your site. The code can be added to any page you choose, but we recommend a high-level page like the homepage.

Learn more about the Seller Ratings Widget here and access implementation instructions and frequently asked questions below.

Seller Ratings Widget Implementation Instructions

Below are six different ways to add the Bizrate Insights Seller Ratings Widget to your site based on the most common implementations.  Please note that you must use your site’s Merchant ID (MID) in order to call the correct reviews.  If you have more than one site, simply swap the MID included in this document for the correct MID for each site.  If you do *not* see an MID listed, then please replace the entire text and brackets shown in {## red ##} with your MID; contact your account manager or for help finding your MID.

These instructions are recommendations for integration, but you may need to make adjustments based on your site setup.

Static HTML Website

Place the <div> element #bri-widget-container in the location where you want it to appear on your page. This is the main container where the review content will be displayed.

<div id=”bri-widget-container”></div>

Then, in the same page, just before the closing </body> tag, place the <script> tag that will make the call to retrieve your data and widget styling.


React Webapp (Public HTML File)

In your React app, if you have a file like index.html or similar in your public directory, you can do the following steps.

Place the <div> element #bri-widget-container in the component or page where you want the widget to appear.

<div id=”bri-widget-container”></div>

Then, in your public HTML file, just before the closing </body> tag, place the <script> tag.

<!– START WIDGET SNIPPET: Bizrate Insights –>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

(function(document, window){

// This helps to ensure that only 1 script element is created

if (!document.getElementById(‘ bri-widget-script ‘)) {

var ws = document.createElement(‘script’);

ws.async = !0; = ‘bri-widget-script’;

ws.src = ‘//{##INSERT_STOREMID_HERE##}.js’;

ws.type = ‘text/javascript’;



}(document, window));



React Webapp (Class Component)

In the return() of your component’s render() method, place the <div> element for #bri-widget-container in the location that you want it to appear.

<div id=”bri-widget-container”></div>

Inside of your class component, create the instance method createBizrateWidget() that will contain the logic to create a <script> element that gets appended to the bottom of your page.

createBizrateWidget() {
// This helps to ensure that only 1 script element is created

if (!document.getElementById(‘bri-widget-script’)) {

const ws = document.createElement(‘script’);

ws.async = !0; = ‘bri-widget-script’;

ws.src = ‘//{##INSERT_STOREMID_HERE##}.js’;

ws.type = ‘text/javascript’;




In the componentDidMount() lifecycle method, make the call to createBizrateWidget(). This helps to ensure that the #bri-widget-container is available for the script to inject into.

this.createBizrateWidget(document, window);

*Note: Don’t forget to bind this in your constructor. 

Additional Integrations

To implement the widget on a CMS hosted site or through Google Tag Manager, navigate to the appropriate link below:

Bizrate Insights Seller Ratings Widget FAQs

  • Which reviews are displayed?
    • Reviews that contain both an OSAT (Overall Satisfaction) Score and Comment from either the Point-of-Sale or Fulfillment survey are eligible to be displayed.
  • How many reviews are displayed?
    • Up to 20 reviews/comments are included in the widget carousel, with a maximum of 3 displayed. Depending on the widget’s size and placement, fewer reviews may be displayed, but the carousel will maintain your most recent twenty (20).
  • How do I choose the date range?
    • The widget will pull the most recent Point-of-Sale and Fulfillment comments to reach a total of 20 reviews.
  • How do I set the minimum score threshold?
    • By default, the minimum threshold for OSAT (Overall Satisfaction Score) is 8. If you wish to adjust this, then contact your Account Manager or The same minimum score will apply across both Point-of-Sale and Fulfillment reviews.
  • Can I set the comment tone?
    • Currently, you can only select the minimum score.
  • How do the stars translate to customer scores?
    • Bizrate Insights uses a 1-10 scale represented by a 5-star scale in the widget. Each score is represented by ½ star. For example: 9 = 4.5 Stars; 6 = 3 stars, etc.
  • How do I provide feedback about the widget and future needs?
    • We want your feedback! Please contact your Account Manager or to ask questions, provide feedback, or make suggestions for future iterations.
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