QuickResponse Allows You To Do The Unexpected

by Hayley Silver •

One of the most effective and popular tools in Bizrate’s suite of customer feedback products is QuickResponse. QuickResponse allows you to monitor and respond to customer feedback in real-time. It’s simplicity is what makes QuickResponse so useful.

Here’s how it works: QuickResponse is an automated email that is sent to an address that you designate, and contains the open-ended comments that your customers leave as soon as they complete the Bizrate Ratings & Feedback Form. Your buyers leave comments, they can characterize the tone of their comments as either positive or negative (or both), and they can attribute the comment to a range of a topics, from billing to shipping charges.

Bizrate’s Ratings & Feedback platform also allows retailers to pass customers’ order numbers into the feedback form. When retailers use this Data Pass Through feature, we pipe that value into the QuickResponse email, which enables retailers to quickly associate the comments to a specific customers’ order.

Below is a sample QuickResponse email; it originates with your buyer’s email address as the From Address and can be directed to multiple email addresses with your organization.

Quick Response Sample

Most retailers that subscribe to QuickResponse have the emails directed to their customer service operations. This allows subscribers to promptly respond to budding customer service issues before they erupt into something unmanageable.

QuickResponse Allows You To Do the Unexpected.
Everyone has a personal story about how a retailer or service provider has done something so out of the ordinary that it causes even disgruntled customers to pause with delight and converts them into evangelists or promoters. One of the most compelling applications of QuickResponse is to do just that; something that is so unexpected that it leaves your customers delighted and feeling valued.

So, if you’re already using the Bizrate Customer Feedback Platform but aren’t subscribing to QuickResponse, all you need to do is contact us and let us know where you want those QuickResponse emails sent. It’s even easier than getting started and it’s free.

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