Call Center Solutions

Monitor and measure agent interactions across your call center when customers place an order or contact customer support. Bizrate Insights’ flexible survey collection allows you to gather data in the ways best suited to your needs: via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) post-call, follow up email, SMS text, or live chat link. Implementation methods can be combined to optimize data collection. Customized reporting is provided by agent, interaction point, service tier, and more.

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Collecting call center feedback has evolved to allow multiple collection and integration options. Utilize our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey to get a quick read at the point of interaction.

Integrating our solution with your existing phone system is easy; just transfer calls to a dedicated line following agent interaction.

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Voice Response Survey can be followed by a longer-form survey invitation sent via SMS text. Additional invitations can be sent by email or included in live chat. Customize your integration to get the feedback that best meets your needs.

Omnichannel Solutions for your Specific Needs

Our omnichannel solutions are a time-tested, fully managed service enabling you to harness customer feedback and drive loyalty.

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