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In-Store Solution

Bizrate Insights’ In-Store Solution helps you collect feedback and measure satisfaction from your brick-and-mortar retail experiences. By deploying the invitation in a variety of ways, you can collect feedback not only from buyers, but also from hard to reach in-store shoppers. The survey is gated using several mechanisms to ensure unbiased feedback from customers post experience.

in-store email and receipt solutions

Shoppers and Buyers

Collect feedback across the end-to-end shopping and buying experience by implementing the survey at several customer touchpoints – in-store via kiosks or coded/QR handouts; post-purchase on paper receipts, emailed receipt or a follow-up email.

survey customization options

Customization Options

Utilize an invitation that aligns with your business from vanity branding and design to preferred delivery method. Include the invitation in multiple locations – paper receipt, emailed receipt, email follow-up, in-store kiosk, QR code and more.  Survey gating is structured to collect unbiased, timely feedback. As part of this, store-specific details can be passed through the invitation link and unique invitations can be generated for each respondent.  Bizrate Insights’ analysts can help formulate custom questions targeted to your in-store experience. Sample topics include: store cleanliness, fitting room lighting, associate product-specific knowledge and coupons/loyalty program knowledge.

feedback by location

Location Specific Feedback and Reporting

By collecting location specific details via the invitation link – store number, transaction number, employee ID and date, reporting can be aggregated at any/all of these desired tiers. Additional information such as region, district and zone can be provided to Bizrate, allowing us to create retailer-defined aggregate reports with gated access based on institutional hierarchies.

Omnichannel Solutions for your Specific Needs

Our omnichannel solutions are a time-tested, fully managed service enabling you to harness customer feedback and drive loyalty.

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