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Unique 2-Part Survey

Collect, review, and respond to real-time feedback from verified buyers after they have completed an online purchase. Invitations are rendered on the confirmation page and via email to collect feedback about the end-to-end purchase. A second survey is sent post delivery to collect details about the delivery and receipt experience. Standard Topics include:

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Site Usability
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer Support

Plus, verbatim comments with sentiment analysis are included across both halves of the survey.

example of reviews in a google search

Seller Ratings

Take advantage of Seller Ratings syndication at no charge via the Bizrate Insights Online Buyer Survey. Scores and comments are syndicated via our direct relationships with partners like Google, Bing and Yahoo, allowing you to quickly build and maintain your Seller Ratings profile. Plus, with our 2-part survey, you have twice as many opportunities to collect scores and comments that power these reviews.

key performance indicators table


Compare your scores to others across the US retail network via a standard category, best-of-breed, or by defining your own custom category. Custom categories can include direct competitors, retailers with whom you compete for wallet share, or a combination of both. The Bizrate Insights team will help you to define a category that works best for you. Benchmarking is provided for standard questions, in aggregate, to protect partners’ privacy.

Industry-Leading Methodology

Bizrate Insights’ collects more than 25 million surveys from 5,000+ retailers each year. Our unique methodology – 2-part survey; at interaction point; all questions optional – ensures that you get feedback from the highest number of verified customers while the experience is top-of-mind. We continually test and optimize our ‘best practices’ to ensure the highest response rate in the industry at 15%.

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industry-high response rate

Omnichannel Solutions for your Specific Needs

Our omnichannel solutions are a time-tested, fully managed service enabling you to harness customer feedback and drive loyalty.

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