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Site Abandonment

Bizrate Insights’ Site Abandonment Solution allows you to learn from shoppers who shop on your site, but then leave without completing a purchase. No matter when your shoppers abandon – after browsing, after placing items in the shopping cart or during checkout – our solution can help you to determine the root cause and where they plan to ultimately complete their purchase.

Implementation takes just minutes and can be completed directly on-site or via a tag manager. All implementations allow you to pass-in customer information for expanded analytics (i.e. customer ID, products viewed, items added to cart and more). Invitations utilize cookie technology so that they are only triggered once per session and can be combined with additional retailer-defined parameters.

TrueExit™ Technology & Device Optimization

Bizrate Insights’ TrueExit technology ensures that customers are only invited to provide feedback when they are leaving your site. We know that desktop and mobile operate differently, so TrueExit is optimized by device to provide the best experience regardless of interaction point.

TrueExit™ Technology on Desktop

On Desktop

We trigger a survey invitation when the customer’s cursor crosses the threshold to enter a new URL or to close the browser window. This bounce trigger can be combined with retailer-defined time spent on site or number of pages visited.

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On Mobile/Tablet

Invitations are optimized to screen size and TrueExit™ is used to measure screen scroll speed (“flick”). We use scroll speed as a way to recognize that a customer is attempting to access the browser and exit. Like on desktop invitation, this can be combined with time spent on site or number of pages visited.

email list building results

Email List Building

Utilize the Site Abandonment survey to expand your opted-in email marketing lists. As part of this solution, we allow customers to opt-in to receive emails from you. Reach out to these customers and entice them to return and purchase with special, targeted offers.

Omnichannel Solutions for your Specific Needs

Our omnichannel solutions are a time-tested, fully managed service enabling you to harness customer feedback and drive loyalty.

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